Website Authority

It is human nature to always associate with leaders and winners.  As a business owner customers will want to associate with good and trustworthy businesses that say what they do and do what they say.  These businesses usually have a good track record and speak with authority about their products and services.  Potential clients on the internet turn to search engines and other trusted sources to help then find trustworthy websites for the products and services they are looking for.

Search engines are constantly sifting through your site, links to and from your site and your competitors sites to determine your relevance. This is compiled into an authority score.  One easy way for you as a business owner to increase your relevance and authority score is to write good content on your own site and other sites as well.   It’s seams strange to put your ideas on someone else’s website at first but by writing content on other sites you create a breadcumb trail back to your own site.  Your clients, current and potential, as well as search engines see a history of similar content and trust building as people comment and link from other sites back to yours.   Examples include:

  • Writing as a guest on a site related to your business.
  • Inviting other to write a guest article on your site
  • Answering questions posed by others on the web in online forums.
  • Asking permission and linking to other industry leaders articles.

The search engines love to see your site link to and from industry leader websites.  When search engines find that new content, they will connect it to your site with the same keywords it already knows about your site and bingo you just got a higher rating and page ranking.

I know it seems strange to give away your services for free but its not really for free it a barter system to eventually achieve higher search results. Getting a revenue stream from Google always comes at a cost, in this case its free advice and some of your time. I just offered all this free advice to you just now and I feel fine.  Of course there are many other things we can discuss and explore.