SEO Starts With You

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not easy. But that doesn’t mean it has to be left in the hands of expensive consultants. There’s plenty of things you can and should do for yourself.  In fact many consultants will make you work on your own content and they will charge for your efforts.  I’m not saying you can do everything on your own, but natural organic content is very important and under the right guidance can be very effective.
Here are some things you can do right now to get yourself started.

SEO diagram

  • At least once a week (or more if possible) think of something you can post on your site that is informative and interesting for your clients.
  •  Get in the habit of checking for interesting things about your industry on the Web or in the real world. Link to other sites talking about these topics or write about it in your own words, maybe a summary or a rebuttal and link to an article or page as a reference.
  • Visit other popular and informative sites and ask questions or find questions you can answer. It’s important to fight the urge to turn answers into an advertisement for your business or website
  • Create profiles on social media under your own or your businesses name.
  • Be active on social media but in an effective and meaningful way, always keeping in mind you are working on building your brand.
  • Don’t just blindly re-tweet or share on Facebook when acting on behalf of your business. Always try to add value or perspective to the post and think of ways to engage your potential / existing clients.

These are of course a short list. SEO is a vast area or expertise and can take a great deal of effort and time to get results.

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Writing Genuine and Unique Content About Your Business / Products for Organic SEO


Organic / natural content is one of the most important factors of success for your website.

Adding genuine and relevant content, written specifically about your product or service is essential for the success your website and business.  Not only does it inform potential clients by providing them exactly what they are really looking for….your product or service! It is also exactly what search engines are looking for in order to place you high in their rankings! This process is also referred to as organic ranking growth. Everyone wants free information and online advice, by providing this on your site in an effective way you are able to declare that you are an authority on the subject.   Writing articles on your webpage about topics related to your product or service is a great way both inform clients and provide search engines with the information about your business.  Once your ideas are published you can work on gaining authority by having people comment,  link or share your content, that’s where the authority part starts to kick in.

To the search engines you look like a million other websites offering the same product and service.  By writing effective content you can start to stand out in the crowd.  Writing articles targeted to the challenges of real clients will help with this also adding to a frequently asked questions section will help as well ( to name a few examples).

Most of the time spent working on your site will NOT be related to the layout and graphics, although they are important, search engines like Google and Bing are really only looking at your content to see that this site is an authority just like you as a business owner are in the real world.  Your content is the first step to making that a reality.  Making an effort to add and update content on a regular basis should be a top priority.

Website Authority

It is human nature to always associate with leaders and winners.  As a business owner customers will want to associate with good and trustworthy businesses that say what they do and do what they say.  These businesses usually have a good track record and speak with authority about their products and services.  Potential clients on the internet turn to search engines and other trusted sources to help then find trustworthy websites for the products and services they are looking for.

Search engines are constantly sifting through your site, links to and from your site and your competitors sites to determine your relevance. This is compiled into an authority score.  One easy way for you as a business owner to increase your relevance and authority score is to write good content on your own site and other sites as well.   It’s seams strange to put your ideas on someone else’s website at first but by writing content on other sites you create a breadcumb trail back to your own site.  Your clients, current and potential, as well as search engines see a history of similar content and trust building as people comment and link from other sites back to yours.   Examples include:

  • Writing as a guest on a site related to your business.
  • Inviting other to write a guest article on your site
  • Answering questions posed by others on the web in online forums.
  • Asking permission and linking to other industry leaders articles.

The search engines love to see your site link to and from industry leader websites.  When search engines find that new content, they will connect it to your site with the same keywords it already knows about your site and bingo you just got a higher rating and page ranking.

I know it seems strange to give away your services for free but its not really for free it a barter system to eventually achieve higher search results. Getting a revenue stream from Google always comes at a cost, in this case its free advice and some of your time. I just offered all this free advice to you just now and I feel fine.  Of course there are many other things we can discuss and explore.